For Lawrence Dicks, his over-arching interest remains the human condition, what it feels like to be alive, indeed why we are alive. As a way of communicating in the 21st-century, making objects and showing them may seem like a blunt instrument to explore these questions,as information is readily available to us and we have become adept t scanning, editing, moving on, often quickly as possible.But Dicks believes there is a specific area of human experience when sculpture is more potent than verbal communication, and that is when it explores the direct experience of inhabiting the physical body in the physical world.

Dicks is no longer interested in creating shapes that are easy to ‘scan’. His intention is to make the viewer pause, take a closer look, engage on a deeper level. He has observed that everyone will have a different unique reaction to the shapes and arrangement of a series of objects, especially when those shapes are concerned with the cell structure- the very stuff humans are made of. Whilst he may not have originally recognised that each persons' reaction to his work would matter to him, it would in some way help him to understand his place in the world.

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